OneNess & AmeN NoiR (BKS) Presents The Annual 2007 Spoken Word @ Kwanzaa Showcase

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OneNess & AmeN NoiR (BKS) Presents The Annual 2007 SPOKEN WORD @ KWANZAA SHOWCASE @ Nelson’s Row High Street Clapham Clapham Common London SW4 7JR

A night of edutainment and information. Kwanzaa presentation by Twilight & Anita Bey[Social Solutions inst]

Delivering a breakdown on ‘What is Kwanzaa?’ Feat – AmeN NoiR, OneNess, ShakaRa, TuggS.T.A.R, FLOetic Lara, J’Nay & Mama Sol El Crisis, Kat Francois, Mosaic & Makeda, with comedy by The Prophet Kwaku.

  • Doors: 7pm
  • Show: 7:30pm-11pm
  • Entry: £5 adults/£4 cons/£3 children

More info: 07976 242 796

Please note Bambooo is not responsible for this event. Listing provided as part of our event listing service. Please contact organisers for futher details if you intend to attend

Danceafreaka – Get Fit, Have Fun, with African Dance and African Drums

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Danceafreaka DVDForget about gym memberships, regular aerobics classes or exercise balls. If you’re in the know then the way to get fit for 2007 must be to try Danceafreaka. With classes in Fitness First® gyms across London and a brand new home workout DVD, if you try this unique workout program, you’ll no doubt be dropping the pounds in no time.

Danceafreaka combines traditional African Dance with aerobic exercise to create an exhiliarating workout routine accompanied by the rythmic sounds of live African Drumming. Developed by Kwaku A. Mensah of Ancestral Hands Ltd, the DVD helps you to experience the “Kloga” routine in the comfort of your own home.

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Afrika Bantu Saturday School presents 1st Kwanzaa Celebration – Dec 28, 2006

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@ St Martins Community Centre
Abbots Park St Martins Estate
Tulse Hill London SW2 3PW
Feat: AmeN NoiR & BEST KEPT SECRET+more
Time: 4-9pm
£FREE. Donations welcome.
More info: 07950 903 503

Please note Bambooo is not responsible for this event. Listing provided as part of our event listing service. Please contact organisers for futher details if you intend to attend.

Favela Rising – Film Review

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photo_4b.jpgSet in one of Rio De Janeiro’s 600 ghettos, Vigario Geral, Favela Rising charts the story of Anderson Sa, Jose Junior and AfroReggae on a journey from outlaws to social revolutionaries. In their debut feature, directors Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary allow us to see inside the notorious ghettos of one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

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Call for artists to submit work for “SPACE” @ Moogie Wonderland

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Information on submitting work for the third Moogie Wonderland exhibition, ‘SPACE’:

  • Date of exhibition: Saturday 13th January 2007, 9pm – 2am
  • Submission deadline: 11th January 2007

Theme and brief: ‘SPACE’

Astronauts, satellites and telescopes attempt to see as far as possible into space, but they are limited to the boundaries of current technology. SPACE is an exhibition that will aim to explore beyond these limitations and delve into our perceptions of space and the great unknown. SPACE also aims to look at the development of space travel and the possibilities that the future may hold. Moogie Wonderland would like to invite artists to submit work for this one night exhibition at Moogie Wonderland. We are only interested in work of a conceptual nature. As the work is being shown during a club night, we are mainly interested in displaying video pieces or slides of your work (if you have digital images, these can be transferred to slides at ). We do welcome installations and art objects but please be aware that your work could be subject to damage (although some artists may wish to submit work that is designed to be damaged). International artists are encouraged to submit work. Artists interested in proposing ideas for a solo show are also welcome.

Background information:

Moogie Wonderland is an art enhanced monthly club night based at The Cellar in Rochester, Kent. The night features contemporary art from professional artists, art students and anyone that fancies a shot at making some art. The idea is to take art to the public – enticing people into an exhibition by running it alongside a clubnight. More information on the club night can be found at

Equipment available:

  • 1 DVD projector
  • 1 Television with DVD player (possibly 2 if required)
  • 1 manual slide projector

We are also interested in hearing from anyone who makes multiples that could be given out to people when they enter the club.

If you would like to exhibit, please email an artist statement, images of your work, or a website link to

Call to artists for proposals for Freshly Scratched at BAC :: D/L 3rd Jan 07

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Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) are now accepting proposals for Freshly Scratched, an event for artists and companies whose own work has never been shown at BAC before.

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Talking Abolition for a moment

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2007 will be a year designated as one of rememberance! The UK Government seeks to recognise and celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Be clear on this, this is not 200 years since the forced enslavement of Africans ceased, the last colony in which this practice was outlawed was Brazil in 1888. This bicentenary marks the 200th anniversary of the parliamentary abolition of the slave trade.

According to former Head of Culture at the Greater London Authority (GLA), Baroness Lola Young this anniversary “presents us all with an opportunity to think about the historical forces that have shaped our current circumstances”

At Bambooo, we want to hear what you think about the upcoming anniversary and how you will participate in projects associated with marking the event. Does this bicentenary have significant importance to African British people? Are you boycotting it all together? If so why?

Get in touch using the comment form below or our contact form

Talking Abolition

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For 2007 a recurrent theme we hope to have on Bambooo concerns the 200 year anniversary of the parliamentary abolition of the trans-atlantic slave trade. If you have written articles, done research, produced arts or culture related material or produced performance pieces relating to this theme, then we want to hear from you.

Please help us to build this information resource. We want to know about events, debates, readings, exhibitions, books, teaching materials, projects anything that relates to this bicentenary.

Use the contact Bambooo link to submit news, reviews, photographs, artwork, event or project details to us and we will review and post it here. You will recieve full credit for all your work. No copyright is infringed and a copyright notices (if relevant) will appear against your work.

What is Kwanzaa and why is it celebrated

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The Nguzo Saba

Kwanzaa is a pan-African (to use a phrase once popular during the 60’s) or Diasporic (to use a modern common collective description) holiday was devised by Dr. Maulana Kerenga as a way to re-connect African Americans, and other global hyphenated Africans, with African culture, and celebrations.

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Afterglow blu presents: The Blu Sessions

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Iconic Rare Groove Classics peformed live by Slo burn, our house band, led by Justin Pickett. Featuring resident artists fola, Randolph Matthews and Marcia Escoffery…come shake U foot to music you know and love. Read more

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