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Acoustically Speaking, once per month

Acoustically Speaking, once per month

Once a month in South London, Acoustically Speaking, an event that fuses Music, Poetry and the Arts, helps to keep the winter blues quite firmly at bay. Presented by the Eclectic Arts Network, Acoustically Speaking gives artists and performers a platform with which to connect with people who enjoy different styles from the underground.

Last night saw the night resume, the first for the new year, at Hypnotik (formerly Brockwells) opposite Brockwell Park. The informality of the night is appealing and the vibe is warm and welcoming. So much so that it is not unusual for members of the audience to add their name to the list of performers, even though it’s not technically an ‘Open Mic’ situation.

Alongside the poets, singers and musicians performing on the night, last night, Ugandan artist, Eddie Bbira had some of his work on display. This amazing artist, who is currently in the UK studying at Art Therapy at the Roehampton Institute, uses his skills to help street kids in Kampala City, Uganda regain their dignity and assist them in rejoining mainstream society by developing their own artistic skills.

Last night we were treated with performances ranging from Classical guitar, Roots poetry, North African/Franco/Arabic and home grown British soul. Performers included Micheal Phillips, Desmond Rose and Deborah Grace, who fresh from recording her new studio album is sure to be a hit on the live circuit.

Poet Flexi has been writing poetry for the past 20 years, but is new to performing her art in front of an audience. Nerves got the better of her a one stage, but the warmth and encouragement of the Eclectic Arts audience and crew enabled her to complete her set, showing anyone who may think otherwise that whoever you are, and whatever talent you may have, performing in front of a crowd is something that is not that easy to do.

Perhaps that’s the beauty of a night like Acoustically Speaking. It’s a place in which even those new to the art of performing can find an audience of people who love music, and the arts and will appreciate the lengths to which you as the artist have gone to perfect your work.

So if you’re in the mood for discovering new music, new performers or if you’re someone who has long desired to be onstage, if you’re an artist wanting to display your work to a captive audience, check out the Eclectic Arts Network website for more information and dates for the upcoming shows.


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  1. Amarra Smith on August 10th, 2009 7:56 am

    A very very productive event, with a night of excellent live music, positive and soulful vibes, this is an event to remember!!!

    My most favouritre part of the event was the live performances from artists like Kocoa Brown, De’ Borah, Shivon, Stevie Blue, Voices, etc. This is the only events organistion in Croydon that I have seen produce a show of unique live music, with amazing artists and musicians!

    I would like to thank all the members of the Eclectic Arts Network , for giving myself and others the oppourtunity to perform, it was definitely an event of Peace, Love and Harmony, where people from around town came to enjoy the live music!!

    Amarra Smith

  2. syandene on October 19th, 2009 5:11 pm

    The acoustically speaking showcase on the 17th october was yet again an evening of warmth, love, and diverse talent emerging from a network that always promises great talent and delivers, from poets, to singers to musicians, all
    played an important part in making the cool, intimate evenings offerings a joy to be a part of.

    I am always humbled when given the opportunity as an artist to perform at such events amidst such an eclectic. supportive and educative group of pure spirits.
    the artistic comradery was apparent right from the beginning and I continue to
    salute the vision, energy and blessings that the EAN imparts with every showcase.


  3. Ingrid Andrew on March 22nd, 2010 12:23 pm

    I too, hugely enjoyed being part of Acoustically Speaking on the night of Sunday 21st March.

    A vibrant and moving evening of poetry and song ~ long may it continue!

    Ingrid (HeartsSong)

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