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vfalls04.jpgAfrican Countries, their capitals, cities, customs and people are shown on the news almost every day but not always in a way that gives us some idea of what it is like to live there as an ordinary citizen.

We intend to spend some more time over the coming twelve months investigating, commenting and discussing amongst ourselves the significance of some of the 53 African nations.

If you are a knowledgeable African then why not sign up as a contributor and publish your articles on this fantastic continent?

Africa is regarded as the “cradle of civilization“, however it is most notoriously become depicted as a burden to the rest of the world, in constant need of attention, aid, and the place where genocide, civil unrest, wars, famine and general human misery is rife.

Africa and it’s leaders are regarded as corrupt, and greedy. Africa frequently features as the source of international disputes over it’s natural resources. Disputes that pitch the population against multinational conglomerates, in a fight to decide who should rightly benefit from the great wealth of it’s natural resources.

We want to look at Africa from a different point of view. We want to examine African cultures, traditions and customs. We want to look at Africa’s dance, music, people, tribes.

Imagine finding a place where you can discuss African tribal dance history combines with information about African attire, clothing and fabrics, their meanings and significance?

What is more, we want African countries to be identifiable in this series. Too often non-africans speak of this great continent as if it were one big country.

It is not of course, it’s a great stretch of land running from Algiers in the North to South Africa. There are many tribes, many languages all of which we hope to explore in this series on Africa and African Countries.

photo © Stuart Maxwell for CC:Attribution-ShareAlike


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