ACLT Gift of Life Ball

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The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) annual Gift of Life Ball (GOL) was held 11th October 2009, it was the 10th and final Fundraising Charity Ball and here we have a review of the spectacular night writted by Ms D. Knox who has attended the GOL for the past 6 years.

ACLT Gift of Life ball, the 10th and final one.

I have attended several GOL balls over the past few years, the Grand Finale was a “must do” social event. The ACLT event is like a friends and family reunion, full of positive vibes and brings together people with a true understanding of the gift of life that we all have and the potential gift of life that we may give to another person through giving blood or becoming a donor. Following the passing of Daniel De Gale in October 2008, his parents and the ACLT founders Bevererly De Gale and Orin Lewis agreed to arrange this final tribute ball. Read more

Daniel De Gale Remembered

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Daniel De Gale, Beverly De Gale and Orin Lewis At ACLT Ball

Daniel De Gale, Beverly De Gale and Orin Lewis

Daniel De Gale first came to the public consciousness 11 years ago when his drive to find a bone marrow donor was broadcast on London’s local TV station. Daniel’s condition acted as a catalyst for his mother Beverley De Gale, and his step father Orin Lewis, to start the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT) and begin to recruit donors for the bone marrow register. Read more